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Manipulate is developing superior 3D cross compatible NFT assets that are engineered for Metaverse integration, as well as translating into 2D Play-to-Earn game which will be available to every holder & give everyone the option to also earn their other favorite cryptocurrencies just by participating in their platform.

Manipulate will capitalize on 4 of the largest utilities of the blockchain, Crypto, P2E gaming/GameFi, NFTs, and the Metaverse - the complete package!

Arbitrage trading is not only LEGAL in the states, but is encouraged, as it contributes to market efficiency. Furthermore, arbitrageurs also serve a useful purpose by acting as intermediaries, providing liquidity on different cryptocurrency networks. If everyone knew how to properly # a chart, cryptocurrency trading would be a lot easier and we would all be able to make a lot more money on the daily. Manipulate token currently trading on the binance smart chain network is here to offer investors an education on how our friendly whales “BUY LOW SELL HIGH” without harming anyone. This advice is only a suggestion and is NOT in anyway finacial advice, we are only sharing ideas based off what our team has observed over the last ten years and we hope this will be userful to future investors. Introducing Multiple Innovative Utilities - Manipulating The #Gamefi & #Metaverse | Buy Low Sell High. “Manipulate Your Opponents, Multiply Your Funds”

$Manipulate Chart



Will Give The Opportunity To Grow Other Cryptocurrency Projects Through Their Own Strategic Partnerships & Connections Which Are Doxxed & Verified Resources.

Shinzi Swap

Swap To Any Network Of Your Choice Without Paying Expensive Fees & Waiting For Identity Verification .


Introduction to a new Innovative idea that will lead straight into the Metaverse (Real Estate)


NFT Collection/Game + Platform

Play-to-Earn GameFi Arcade Which Will Also Offer “Gambling” for the high rollers who like “high risk, high reward” (Massive Surprises Incoming!) .


More About Us

✅ KYCastle Verified & Doxxed Team & Contract Source Code Verified! ✅

With only 10 Million Manipulate token supply and 10% of the supply taken by the team & locked for 3 months with plans to be extend the lock on every marketcap milestone reached AND the liquidity 75% locked leaving 15% available for any future CEX listings and application developments when needed, a very capable verified team, along with strong strategic partners

Manipulate is designed to stand strong and become a potential top tier multi million dollar plus GameFi & Metaverse Project Over The Next Five Years .

Manipulate launched exclusively on the BNBSmartChain Network and will be listing on multiple other exchanges & swaps overtime giving investors easier access to trade using their choice of swap/exchange.

$Manipulate/BEP20 Contract (LIVE NOW!):


$Manipulate (BEP-20) - Contract (LIVE NOW!):

Max supply:

10 Million $Manipulate

Token Symbol


Team Allocations

10% 🔐 allocations Locked for 90 Days

8% Buy tax

1% dev 3%marketing 4% liquidity

10% Sell tax

2% dev 4%marketing 4% liquidity.


100% 🔐 Locked


Manipulate Goals & Features.


Meet Our Team Members

Assistant/Metal Designer
Assistant/Co Founder
Introduction Video/Graphic Designer
NFT Artist
Co founder/Professional Website Developer
Our Partners



Below we’ve provided a bit of ManipulateCoin, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is Manipulatecoin?

Manipulate is designed to stand strong and become a potential top tier multi million dollar plus GameFi & Metaverse Project Over The Next Five Years .


Manipulate launched exclusively on the BNBSmartChain Network, you can only click "Buy Now" and you'll go directly to pancakeswap App - We always suggest using higher slippage the normal especially on the BNBSmartChain network to prevent your transaction from failing..

On a final note expect some major upcoming announcement and news, with a comprehensive marketing budget, we ask all Manipulate to hold & and get ready to MOON.

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